Iya Villania and Drew Arellano’s Wedding

Iya Villania and Drew Arellano’s Wedding

Cheers to one of my favorite showbiz couples for finally (after 9 amazing years) tying the knot. I almost cried when I saw the video, the venue was spectacular (to my taste of course, I love beach weddings). It was held at Kawayan Cove, Nasugbu Batangas.

So many of their fans have been waiting for this day to finally happen, and last January 31, they made it come true.

Happy watching, happy crying.

Favorite lines:

“Not just the view, not just the sunset, the cliff. Wedding on a cliff? Are you kidding me?” -Drew 

“Honey, I promise to give you the freedom to be the successful girl you are destined to be” -Drew

“…A life of freedom and adventure, a life of love that only seems to grow stronger as we grow older, a life of laughter at the silliest of things, a life of growing with each other…” -Iya

P.S. To my future husband, watch this, whoever you are. LOL


 Jason Magbanua for the video in Vimeo

Music licensed through themusicbed.com
Morning is Coming/Celeste by Les Enfants

http://www.philshowbiz.com for the photo


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