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“The greatest risk of all, is not taking the risk at all.” -my good friend, RKA



Are you having these pre-Valentine’s Day thoughts?

Some of you lovely people are probably counting the days until the 14th. Some of you may already be planning for your dinners, gifts, and dates for Valentine’s Day. But some of you, may also be dreading as the days pass by…

What are your pre-Valentine’s Day thoughts? Here are some examples of possible things that you, your loved one, your crush, your neighbor, or your single mom might be thinking…

1. What day is Valentine’s Day this year?

This becomes very important to people planning dates. Of course some may have school or work, and so it becomes important to them to know what day Valentine’s Day will fall. This year, it falls on a Friday, which definitely marks the start of either a good or a bad weekend.

2. What did I do last Valentine’s Day?

There are those who would want to reminisce on their happy/sad/disastrous Valentine’s Day celebrations last year and may take time to think how they can make it better this time around. This is when we hear, “This time, I’ll make sure I have a date!”, “Chocolates didn’t work last year…”, “I’m going solo this year!”. So come on, let’s go down memory lane.

3. What are my friends doing?

Especially to our single friends, this question is very important. If you’re without a partner this year, or is not in search of a date, but would still want to celebrate, then you better ask your friends about their plans. Preferably your single friends or group friends, you wouldn’t want to be third wheeling on Valentine’s Day, do you?

4. What am I wearing on Valentine’s Day?

This question may definitely not apply to everyone, but it sure as hell applies to me. Hey, I like dressing up on occasions.

5. Do I finally ask my crush this time around?

It may be the perfect time to do it my friend, before someone else does…

6. What gift will I buy him/her? Will I even buy?

Of course we all know that there are those who expect to be given a gift (my mom loves flowers, but she loves food more), while there are those who are simply happy with home-cooked dinner, or quality time. Think about it. Think about what would really make them feel special.

7. Am I over-thinking or over-planning?

I think this mostly occurs to women. Relax ladies. Don’t over do it. In my opinion, it’s the little things that matter. Again, think about what would make them feel special, make them feel loved.

8. Do I even want to celebrate at all?

No one’s forcing you. To others, this day may just be like any other day of the year. This may also be the day when people say, “my life sucks”. But I hope this day will be the day when you’ll start to appreciate the people you love, the people who love you, no matter where they are and how your Valentine’s Day 2014 will turn out.

Blog out, blog soon. XOXO